Saturday, March 19, 2011

What A Godly Man Wants (In a Wife)

Leslie Ludy, a Christ-follower and publisher of an online magazine, has an article that caught my eye because of its pertinence to the Church today. You can go to her website to read the article, which begins on page 19, and after doing so come back here and join me in my thoughts on this matter. I'd like to thank a friend of mine, whom I shall give the anonymous name of Stark Princess ("stark" in this context refers to contrast, in that she is not your traditional princess; she's the kind of princess that when Satan hears a rumble on Earth, he's saying, "Oh crap, she's awake.")

Here's what I have to say about this, as I posted it on Stark Princess's Facebook:

"The goal should not be marriage, but marriage be a gift from God. Contrary to tradition, women should not take a backseat in service to our King, but should be on the forefront of ministry. Women do not need men to be counted a useful service in the Kingdom, but are useful simply because they are His creation. Women should be unashamedly proclaiming His Name at the risk of everything they stand to lose in this life, for His Kingdom should be their only homeland. Women should be on the front-lines, side by side with men, on their knees praying and fasting for the coming of our Lord.

Marriage is not something wholly wrong to seek after, but when it gets int the way of a woman's service to the King, then it has altogether lost its meaning in community of Christ. God is the only one who can fulfill our needs, and as such He should be the first and foremost sought after. When husband and wife become a distraction to each other, they fail the Kingdom in fulfilling their purpose of furthering the Cause of Christ, and ultimately commit idolatry in His eyes.

Women, I urge you that to seek Him above all other things. No man can provide for you the way that the Father can. You are not helpless brittle creatures that need constant caring for, constant protection because you have been given the same armor of God that us men have. You have the same weapons and tools that men have. Use them. You have the same commandment that we have, the same commission to go forth into the world and make disciples of every nation. To this end, do not even think about marriage until you have set to task your part in fulfilling the Great Commission."

Yes, I'm quite passionate about this subject.

Honestly, Christ-followers the world-over get a bad rep because of the history of Christianity being rather misogynistic or willfully ignorant of the significance of the role women play in the all out battle for the souls of every person of every nation. And this Warrior Poet who wrote about the misconceived notion of the "Christian Think Tank" perception couldn't have said it better; men and women are compliments of each other, but they are not essential to each other in order to be able to do the work God has called them to do.

At the risk of sounding like a chauvinist, when the Warrior Poet said, "If you’re less attractive to the world, and have a few unsightly calluses, scars, or limps because of living surrendered to God’s work, a Warrior-Poet will still count you as the most glorious, radiant, blazingly-beautiful, and stunningly-breathtaking woman to ever grace the planet." He made a serious understatement, for the simple fact that that is the sexiest woman a Godly man can find. Those calluses, scars, and limps aren't things to be overlooked as if they were something to be ashamed of; they're prerequisites! Honestly, I can't see why any man who calls himself a Christ-follower would even consider marrying a woman who hasn't already established herself as an active force for Christ.

Look folks, if you know me at all, then you know that it's no secret I have a strong desire for a spouse; I'd rather spend the rest of my days as an unmarried servant of Christ, than a married apathetic spectator-Christian. My faith is not a hobby, or a club that I joined to take up some time I just happen to have. My beliefs are the sole motivating force behind why I continue to live despite the growing chaos in the world around me. Left to my own devices, I'm a walking mass-destructive machine of carnage and destitution. Because of Christ, I am more than human, more than a conqueror, and no longer of this world; a pilgrim in a foreign land. I cannot and will not settle for a woman who doesn't have the same disposition.

Hoc est verum,
De Facto

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  1. That was refreshing... the typical princess-tea party girl thing bugs me, fun as tea parties can be. I've had family friends with daughters are on the mission field, doing nothing but keeping house, since it was their husbands who were the missionaries. :P I guess I'm just glad that's not the way all missionaries want their wives to be...