Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gaining Perspective

Yesterday, I nearly had an aneurysm when a couple kids decided they had had enough of my preachy-ness and took offense to something I wrote about emotionally unstable individuals. I literally flipped my lid and then some. I was so livid that I was not rationally processing information the way I normally do. I even had a desire for vindication, which came out when I made a few very sarcastic retaliatory remarks. Basically, I had let two kids (legally they're adults, but they're kids to me) get me riled up... And over what? Some passive aggressive remarks that one of them makes consistently because that person won't go through the process of dealing with their issues? Wow... I really have stooped low...

Granted, I had a right to be irked. I mean, one of them basically told me that had this been a year ago that my name would have ended up on their suicide note. That is a sign of someone who has serious emotional issues.I was also told that I am abusive person who doesn't give a damn about them... Yes, that's why I've offered to help that person get out of their unhealthy living environment with funds out of my own pocket. I'm a freakin' college student and the money I have has to be so carefully rationed out that to offer to do that is basically saying, "I wont eat for the next week just to make sure that you have a safe place to call home." Yet I digress from the purpose of this entry... The way I handled my anger was so unbelievably irrational that I astonish myself as I think about the events of yesterday. In fact, yesterday should have been a great day. I had a successful interview for a job that could start this summer and extend throughout the Fall semester. Instead, I decided to let a couple of kids with some issues of their own get under my skin and ruin my entire day. It seems like I haven't learned as much as I'd like to think I have in the past three years. Oh yes, I've been down this road before. I've also been the one with issues that would drag well-established members of society down with me. I've now seen both sides of the fence, and both are just as deprived of decency as the other.

So what is a poor fellow to do? Well, back in the day the advice was to get out of the situation for a while to get some perspective. That advice seems fitting for situations that develop on the Internet. Now, to be fair, I'm not completely removing myself from the Internet. I'm still checking my e-mails and stuff, but the two places I'm intentionally avoiding at this point are: Facebook and the forum where this all started (actually it technically started elsewhere, but I'm not going into that now). I'm also going to reduce how much time I spend on the Internet and spend more time studying for classes. I don't know how long this will go for (I'm thinking 'til Thursday night), but I just know that I need to gain some perspective. If this is how I react to a couple of kids projecting their issues on me, then I shudder to think how I might handle a real world problem if it were to smack me on the face tomorrow... *ponders*

Oh, I suppose I should end this, huh?

Well I hope you all have a great week and continue to seek the Truth.

Hoc est verum,
De Facto

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