Sunday, April 4, 2010

No thanks, I quit

I'll probably be saying that to my new found acquaintances at school who I met by chance while out having a smoke. Thursday night I was completely delivered and set free from the addiction to smoking by exposing and renouncing the lies that Satan had gotten me to believe about myself. It's now been two days without a cigarette. No withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. Anytime I start thinking about smoking (which isn't a whole lot since I don't Nic-fit) I just start singing, "Jesus Loves Me" as joyfully as I possibly can out loud. I was roaming through Target with cheese slices in my hand as I was singing, and it wasn't even because I was thinking about smoking, I just wanted to.

Anyway, this really isn't an entry, more of a blurb... Blurb, that's a weird and non-existent word that has become a word de facto style. Just wanted everyone to know what God has done for me.

Until next time,
De Facto