A Prophetic Word to Preachers of God's Wrath

August 7th, 2010

Woe to you, O preachers of God's wrath, for you have lost your way and become a servant of Satan himself. You will be held accountable for every soul you've turned away from the Truth, for every searching soul that found your venomous hatred instead of the love and grace which covered you when you first surrendered. Their blood is on yours hands, as well as the blood of those they turn away from the Cross. Like a tower of cards, you have taken from the foundation, and now the circle of influence that person had has just shifted from being a circle that could have been brought to Christ to ones who will spit in His face. Woe to you, O vipers, you are the gangrene of the Body of Christ which must be cut off before your infection spreads to the rest of the Church. Your punishment will make an atheist weep in sympathy for you, for yours shall be a hundred times worse than theirs. Repent now, Waylaying Shepards, and speak the Truth once again.

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