Monday, September 27, 2010

My Church is a Cult (Not really, but...)

A few weeks ago my sister posted on her Facebook status about not letting Lady Gaga make decisions for you, which resulting in a flame war and in the middle someone used the Constitution and God in the same sentence which spurred two former members of my church to make personal attacks on my entire church branding it a cult. Needless to say I am a very critical person of all established religion, and I will be the first to say that while my church is not traditional by any stretch of the imagination it is not a cult.

So why would two former members of my church insist that it is in fact a cult? Set aside the fact that they were mad at my sister and others who defended her stance, those two are very progressive in their thinking; brought up on public school education with a progressive agenda shoved down their throats like "Special Kool-Aid". In essence they are the product of what my sister warned against becoming: sheep to the slaughter created by Michael Moore-esque logic. Because my church is outspoken about issues like abortion, same-sex marriage, and the modern media as a whole; we're now a cult. It's always easier to avoid the issues altogether and simply label something a cult in order to create fear and shroud the facts in a cloud of bitter lies.

I make NO apologies for my church, especially since I stand by them. My church is not perfect and the longer you stay the more apparent the flaws will be, but you could spend your whole life vainly searching for a perfect church and find none. Some people create home churches, and while there's a lot controversy surrounding them I personally feel that there's nothing wrong with them. The problem is that those attending can only grow spiritually as far as the person leading them and there is no accountability concerning orthodoxy (right doctrine). Nevertheless, God doesn't titles and buildings to train and equip His children to do the work He's called us to do. Therefore, it is my opinion God can use any church anywhere to serve His plans and purposes for the Church as a whole.

The Early Church was persecuted for speaking out on the issues of their time and standing firm on the teachings of Christ. In a small way, my church has joined their ranks. No longer are we persecuted for simply being radical on-fire Christians, but we're being persecuted for simply speaking the truth! I praise God that we are under fire from critics because God will bring us through it in the end so that we may bring the message of Jesus Christ farther than we've ever thought possible. God's will be done!

Sic semper tyrannis,
De Facto

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