Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Aching Bride: Presence and Power of God

Life is chaos, complicated by our existence because of it. We have such complex brains, yet not quite complex enough to comprehend it all, for it we could would we not understand everything that we see and do? Would we not give up all inefficient means of doing anything we wanted to do in order to achieve it more perfectly? I'm probably not making much sense, the fact I'm trying to convey is that there are times when we feel like the more we try to do to fix the problems in our life we seem to make bigger messes and then we saying to ourselves, "Oh, great, now I'm worse off than I was before!" Some of us, if you're like me, want to throw a few profanities in there... Yeah, some of us need work in that area.

And then there's Jesus, who is the most patient deity I've ever heard of. He makes all of that chaos just seem moot. Seriously though, I think Zeus would have zapped me dead long ago if he was my god. Thor would have used his hammer to smack me back to before I was born. Shiva would wrapped her arms around my throat and strangled me. Buddha would have sat on me. Allah would have sent his barbarian prophet to kill me. Joseph Smith would have bored me to death with his prideful retelling of how he miraculously translated the Book of Mormon. Do you get my point? Instead of getting frustrated with me, Jesus takes my hand and helps me clean up all the garbage I've spread around in life. He shows me how to avoid making that same mess again and forgives me for the trouble I caused. He works directly with those I've hurt to heal their broken hearts and helps me to be strong enough to ask for forgiveness for the evil I've done to them. After all is said and done, all I want to do is sob heavily at His feet for I know who I am. I am the Bride that doesn't deserve such a Groom. I am Royalty because He accepts me despite my failings, takes me in, and calls me His. His!

How can I describe to you what an amazing thing it is to be Loved like this? How can I describe to you the Savior who did not leave, but drew closer and held me? Can I even begin to explain the rapture of being in Love so deeply with Someone who never ceases, never fails, never gives up? Oh and the pursuit! You want romance? How about a Lover who won't relent until He has all of me? Not like the creepy Edward stalker-like haunting, but instead He comes to me and knocks, asking for permission to gain entrance and sweep me off my feet! How about a Lover who was accused of being fake, evil, and weak dying just to show how much He loved me? Even Death could not keep His love from reaching me, for after three days, He rose again and forgave me for the very things I did that put Him the grave.

Though He left for a time, He has promised His return and left love letters that make my heart flutter in expectation and joy. Friends, if you have not experienced this Love, Love eternal, then please don't wait any longer to have it. Jesus doesn't care what you've done, where you've been, or even how much you believe in Him as long as you're willing to reach out and take hold of the gift He's been longing to you. He loves you the very way I've described. If you don't believe me, I challenge you to search your heart and then search for Jesus. Seek Him, draw near to Him and He will draw near to you. Taste and see that He is good!

Sic semper tyrannis,
De Facto


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