Saturday, May 8, 2010

Me in Five Songs

Some people have tried asking me how I'm doing and I haven't been able to really get into it because either they're too young to be dragged into my issues or because I didn't feel like they really wanted to know my woes. Thus, I, in all my malevolent brilliance came up with the idea to create a playlist of songs on YouTube that accurate describe how I've been doing these past several weeks.I apologize that it's cut off on the right corner, but the video itself is not important; the words in the music is.


  1. I haven't talked to you in forever...that should change.

  2. It should, the question is will you change it? So many people have said they love me and have promised they would stay in touch, but where are they now? I can't track them down and force them to stay in contact. I can't force them to keep their promises... What will you do to change it?

  3. Yes, Nathan, I will try to contact you. I'm done with school now, so I have time to chat, ok? I'll talk to you next time I see you're on. :)