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Exhibit Sexuality, Privately (Mature Subject)

Let me start off by warning anyone reading this that I am going to be having a very matter-of-fact discussion on sexuality which includes terminology, common phrases, and misconceived notions about the subject which may be offensive. If you are slightly uncomfortable, I encourage you to read this anyway because this blog entry is geared towards you. If you are extremely uncomfortable with this subject then I suggest you skip reading this one and wait for my next one. I promise I will be gentle on you all as a reward for your patience with me in reading on a subject of such sensitive nature.

Since the time of the early Church, sexuality has been looked down upon as something that should be a very private matter that is not to be discussed or displayed in any way, shape, or form. This evolved into the concept that all sexuality is evil and sinful, therefore the only purpose for sex is to reproduce with any sexual activity beyond that being sinful. I am writing this blog entry for the sole purpose of dispelling this commonly held belief because it is a viral notion that has infected our Western culture and spurred a counter-culture of sexual depravity just as pervasive. Like valuable minerals, our misconceptions about sexuality will not go away easily because they're so deeply embedded in the way we think and act. It is my hope that those of you who are living with your parents will print this out and show it your folks and ask them what they think about it. I encourage you to discuss it with close friends, mentors, pastors, and anyone else you trust to have an open and honest discussion with regarding this subject.

The early Church, going back as far as the Church of Acts, had a reason to look down on sexuality. The culture in which the Gentile-converts had come out of was one of extremely sexual deviance. Greek and Roman culture was rife with celebrations that involved orgies, sodomy, sex with prostitutes of the gods, and other more perverse scenarios. What happened as centuries passed was the Catholic Church and following Protestant churches kept the mentality of sex-for-reproduction-only without considering the reason the early Church had looked down on sexuality in that way. Movements within the Church began to surface of those who felt sexuality was not meant just for posterity purposes. These movements were suppressed by excommunication and execution, but the power and excitement of the taboo kept such movements alive. Unfortunately, these movements were grouped together with the underground homosexual community because of ignorance and because homosexuality was easier to identify as being evil.

My friends, I feel it is not only my right to inform you of what I believe, but also my duty as a Christ-follower/imitator. God made us as sexual beings, as evidence we can compare ourselves with animals and see that we are indeed sexual beings. Did you know that other than humans, there is only a few creatures that have sex for a purpose other than reproduction? Unlike most animals, which have a certain period of time which they are "in heat" and are able to reproduce, humans are physically able to have sex from the time of their puberty until their bodies are too weak to support themselves. Searching through Apostle Paul's letters you will find that there are three basic rules to follow when wanting to have sex:

1. The person of the opposite gender you have sex with must be married to you before engaging in sexual activity.

2. Any sexual activity outside of your opposite-gendered monogamous relationship is sinful. Be loyal to your opposite-gendered spouse.

3. Withholding sex/sexual activity from your spouse, except when you are not healthy enough for sexual activity, is sinful and disrespectful.

I realize that some may feel that this is oversimplifying Biblical law concerning sexuality, but the fact of the matter is that since Jesus gave us a whole new set of laws- the Laws of Freedom in Jesus Christ, we don't benefit anyone from confining ourselves to the narrow-minded philosophy that has been handed down to us through centuries of sexual repression. There is no reason to be ashamed of our sexuality when we honor God in doing so. Sex is a near-facsimile of euphoric love which God has for us. We should not feel dirty for mimicking the love God has for us when it is done inside of a loyal heterosexual monogamous marriage. Everything about marriage is a direct correlation to Christ and the Church (in this context, I mean the Body of Christ, not just the Catholic Church.)

Friends, this is good news! No more talking about sex like it was something to be ashamed of. No more feeling sinful because you have this desire deep within yourself to have sex. No more delusions about your wedding night and the honeymoon. Lastly, there should be no shame in the naked body. The body is a masterpiece, a work of art unlike anything else found in nature, and the celebration of such a marvel would be appropriate if done appropriately.

That sounded a bit redundant and circular, didn't it? What I mean is that we do not need to shy away from the nakedness of ourselves, although we certainly should not suddenly feel at liberty to exhibit ourselves like a freak show. If our bodies are created by the very hand of God, then that makes us vessels of beauty by the most skillful Creator. There are practical purposes for clothing yourself so please don't misunderstand me and think that I'm advocating nudism/naturism. While our bodies may be beautiful, some abuse them, others has been marred by outside influences, and all of them are vulnerable to the cruelties of weather. On top of that, in most countries it is illegal to display your breasts, pubic area, or buttocks due to decency laws; therefore it is your moral and spiritual duty to uphold that law regardless of your freedom in Christ. Besides, exposing yourself to people is not the way it is meant to be, it is simply that we are not to be ashamed of our own bodies as if there was something wrong with them without clothes. If we cannot move past the archaic ideologies of yesteryear we could very well allow yet another generation to believe the sexually repressive propaganda that has been peddled as Scriptural fundamentals for centuries.

Until next time,
Veritas De Facto

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