Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Internet is Serious Bidness

Niggers, spics, gooks, chinks, jews, fuckers, and so on... We've all seen the labels thrown around on the Internet. Whether it's on MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever those corporate thugs have spun out for the masses to flock to only to watch their social graces get slaughtered like lambs. Careful studies have said that people do this because the Internet gives them anonymity. I would like to dig a little deeper than that and get straight to the point.

The idea that people call other people by these terms simply because they can might possibly blow your mind, but the truth is they do. It doesn't matter that they're on the Internet. The Internet is just the canvas, the painter would simply find another medium on which to spread his colorful artistry if there were no Internet. With millions of people accessing it every waking moment of the day, internationally leaving no moment for a second of shut-eye, this is the perfect platform for the average person to speak his mind uninhibited. One need only look into the annals of human history to see that the kind of behavior we're seeing on the Internet is nothing new; on the contrary it's more like an evolution of an age-old problem that takes occurrence everyday. The truth is, it's not even racial, it's programming.

But why? Why do people do it? Well, for those of you who can't wrap your head around the idea that some people do it just because they can, then I suggest you look no further than common sense. Maybe there's a Jew out there with a death wish. Maybe there's a dude out there who got ripped off by his Japanese girlfriend and now all he sees are chinks and gooks. Maybe there's some girl out there who really hates black people, and to her, they're nothing but dumb ape niggers. Or, as some have stereotyped this behavior to, maybe there's some insecure little masturbating white 15 year-old who has no life outside of his computer and thinks that he can do whatever he wants because the Internet is a vast plethora of trash. The fact that we can't escape is that there is no formulaic answer to this mystery, my dear Watson. The only "elementary" thing about it is that it what is it.

The Internet is rife with crap, but amongst the crap there is a lot of good things about it. If you can shake off the crap and let it go by without phasing you, then perhaps you should following my advice to curing your illness:

1. Throw your computer tower/laptop out the window (the higher, the better!)

2. Throw yourself out the window (Like I said, the higher, the better!)

3. Make sure your relatives read your story from the Darwin Awards publications at your funeral. (Haunt them if they don't)

Following these simple steps will ensure a decisive victory over your troublesome woes. The Internet is not a place to impose one person's sense of morality over another, but there are a few things we agree on, such as children under the age being posted on the Internet nude. Things like a sex tape, internal promotional videos, and news information should not be censored in the least. When you try to censor that kind of thing, you're asking the world to turn a blind eye towards what's happening around them. Despite what stereotypes you may have about people who spent copious amounts of time on the Internet, they want what you want, and they get it with the click of a button... Perhaps, those who use the Internet aren't as degenerate as you may think, and perhaps it is you who are the backwards thinking primate still trying to start fire with two sticks.

Until next time,
De Facto

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