Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tolerance the Pestilence

In the past five years I noticed the growing trend towards tolerance and acceptance... Of what? A guy who likes to do "things" with other guys? Whatever! I don't want to know! That's their business and I don't really care as long as they don't flaunt it in my face. You want me to be tolerant of another person's religion? I am an equal opportunity hater on every religion, so I suppose in some twisted way I have accomplished that. You want me to be tolerant of relative truth and gray area ethics? Relatively speaking, I'm more tolerant than you, because I perceive myself to be tolerant. What is tolerance anyway? It is tolerating or accepting, even embracing something that may be in conflict with my own beliefs? What's that? You say that if I can't be tolerant because of my beliefs than my beliefs must be flawed? Isn't that a little too absolute for you relativists?

So perhaps that's being a little too flippant with a serious issue, but I think I'm peeling back a few layers of bologna and getting to the root issue. I bring the topic up again because my sister told the family that she got chewed out by her classmates for her stance on same-sex marriage. My first thought was something along the lines of, "Do kids still buy that Michael Mooresque logic from middle school about the GBLT community?" I'm sure that thanks to the three suicides which were brought about because of bullying over the individuals' sexuality everyone on the SUPPORT THE GAYS-side of the issue is pretty sensitive and at the same time pretty intolerant of opposing views. I can guarantee that it won't be long now before speaking out in opposition to same-sex marriage and same-sex marriage will become a hate crime. If that happens, well, you might find me in jail a few times too often. I respect the government, but I will not be silent about this issue.

My sister in faith wrote an excellent blog entry on this: CLICK HERE

The fact of the matter is that doing life God's way is not going to be popular with the people around us. God doesn't care. Really, He doesn't care. He cares what happens to you because it is unpopular to follow Him. He cares that so many are choosing to walk their own path of destruction instead of taking the gift of eternal life, but He isn't competing in a popularity contest. The important thing to remember, that while the Bible is clear on issues such as same-sex marriage, abortion, and truth as a whole; we must convey these messages in love. God has been calling me personally to outgrow my need to squash apostates and learn to spread the love of God to those who wouldn't normally listen to preaching. It's something I've wanted, but until recently haven't been willing to give God enough control of my life so that He could change me into that kind of person.

To wrap this up, I'd like to bring your attention to the PSA that made me lose respect for Kiera Knightley as a person... Aside from the fact that all she ever talks about with night show hosts is how small her breasts are. Ugh... Hollywoodites...

Hoc est verum,
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  2. The supposed tolerant judge those that simply are declaring anyone intolerant to be anyone that has a morality that differs from their own. It's synonymous with those that believe that they are being judged to be the most judgmental.
    The "tolerant" are intolerant of anything that would seem to violate the homosexual agenda but are in support of child porn and insults to religion in the name of art.
    If I were to be bold, and I'm not usually, I would even go so far as to accuse them of simply being interested in making everyone live together in harmony and happiness above securing a future in which their grandchildren will be able and free to live out the liberty that they are so in defense of. The dog that yelps is the one that got hit, and the liberals are controlled by him.
    However it should be said that they do mean well and I applaud them for that. Homosexuality is Biblically immoral but that does not give us a right to show them any more respect and dignity than anyone else. Sure they may be going to hell due to not accepting a relationship with God, but I believe in someone who honestly struggles with homosexuality to be following God's will more than those that claim at military funerals that God is killing our soldiers because of them or claiming Jesus' name and bullying them into suicide. Scripture is clear that the cross is the only thing we should be truly offensive in. More people will turn to our side if those who emphasize God's hatred for homosexuality would start emphasizing God's love for the homosexual and hatred of the action.

  3. ugh... tolerance... why is that word so misused? It's so awful to see a country that was free completely forgetting what exactly freedom is. And the fact that "Judge not" is replacing "For God so loved the world" as the most well known Bible verse is really sad. :(
    But we can't stop intolerantly loving people and just tolerantly let them go to hell, so...